Monday, January 21, 2013

The Not-So Quick Guide To Madolche

This was intent on being a "Quick Guide" but Madolche are slightly complex.

Enough to the point where I couldn't make it a Quick Guide.

I didn't want to disservice any of the readers with a half-ass post, especially on a deck I have much experience on.

Madolche are the FIRST archetype where it's BAD to have monsters in your Graveyard.

Peoples first reaction was "OMG, that's so good! They NEVER hit the GY?

(that's right, some idiot said, "NEVER" hit the GY)

BUT, It's true... to a degree.

Unless it's a special situation, your main deck Madolche normally don't hit the Graveyard.


1.If they were XYZ material.
2. If the effect to them to the deck has been negated(Dolkka) or prevented from activating (Abyss Dweller, Shock Master)
3. If your Madolche were SENT to the GY, not destroyed (Blackship of Corn)
4. You're own destruction cards (Dark Hole, Torrential Tribute)
5. Discarded (Dragged Down into the Grave, Dark World Dealings)

Starting from Abyss Rising, each Madolche (besides XYZ) go to the deck if it's destroyed by your opponent.

Doesn't matter if.

1. The summon is negated (Solemn Warning, Solemn Judgment, Evolzar Laggia)
2. Any other of their effects are negated (and destroyed as a result)
3. It's destroyed in the hand (Deck Devastation Virus), field (Dark Hole, Mirror Force, Torrential Tribute) or deck (Chain Destruction)

Generally, Madolche are somewhat immune to opposing destructive effects, even ones you wouldn't expect.

I consider them a more decorated, albeit more complicated Gadget deck.


The Stratos. She searches every Madolche. Works wonderfully with Ultimate Offering. You primarily search combo pieces or another copy if you have nothing else.


The Marauding Captain.

Companions with Messangelato (directly enables him to search).

Does some silly ass things with Hootcake.


Does nothing on it's own, but once it's special summoned in any way; as long as you control a Beast-Type Madolche, you get to search for a Madolche S/T (Palooza, Chateau, Ticket, Lesson).

Better than Butlerusk in every way (despite its little restriction).


The only Madolche that can triggers Ticket manually (besides Tiaramisu).

His boost(s) are permanent.

Can be summoned with Mewlfeuille/Hootcake for a Rank 3 XYZ.


Adds a new dimension to Madolche.

It makes the deck "easier" to play.

Can summon Messangelato directly out the deck (enables its search)

Helps empty your Graveyard.

Plays with Hootcake

A. Leviair the Sea Dragon

*Requires Mewlfeuille, Hootcake in hand & LV 4 Madolche in GY*

Summon Mewlfeuille - Summon Hootcake (Mewfeuille effect)

Hootcake (effect) - Banish LV 4 Madolche from GY - Summon Messangelato from deck (search)

(Field) Mewlfeuille - Hootcake - Messangelato -Ticket (in hand) - LV 4 Madolche (Banished)

Mewlfeuille - Hootcake - Xyz Summon - Leviair the Sea Dragon

Leviair - detach Hootcake - SS banished LV 4 Madolche

(Field) Leviair - Messangelato - LV 4 Madolche (Hootcake in GY)

From here, you can Xyz summon Madolche Queen Tiaramisu or any Rank 4.

B. M.X-Saber Invoker

Hootcake does exist, so it makes M.X-Saber Invoker actually worth it.

Since Hootcake has been updated to banish ANY monster, there is more flexibility.

*Requires ANY monster in GY, Mewlfeuille & Hootcake in hand*

Mewlfeuille - Summon Hootcake - Hootcake Effect - Summon Cruffssant

Overlay Hootcake & Mewlfeuille for M.X-Saber Invoker

(Field) M.X-Saber Invoker - Cruffssant (LV 3)

Detach Hootcake  - Summon Messangelato (Since Cruffssant is on field, search for ticket)

Activate Ticket - Cruffssant effect (returning Ticket)

(You need to return a Madolche Spell because it doesn't conflict with the monster levels. You do NOT search for Chateau because it will put Hootcake back in the deck. You can do it however; if you have another Chateau to play on top of it. You don't want Ticket to activate until you after you summon Tiaramisu)

(Field) M.X Saber Invoker - Messangelato - Cruffssant (LV4)

Play Ticket, Overlay Messengelato & Cruffssant for Tiaramisu.

Tiaramisu effect, Detach Messangelato - Target Hootcake & Messangelato (return to the deck). 

Here, you CAN CHOOSE to add a Madolche OR (due to Tiaramisu) summon that monster instead.

IF you don't have a "Madolche" card in GY. 

Mewlfeuille summon Hootcake banish - summon Cruffssant.

Overlay Hootcake - Mewlfeuille into Invoker, detach Hootcake, summon Messengelato (search Ticket).

Play Ticket return (with Cruffssant) & carry on.

If you control a Madolche Chateau

Search Chateau with Messangelato & play Chateau on top of the first one.

The ACTUAL Guide

They somewhat rely on your opponent destroying them; only for them to keep coming back. They are resilient to most destructive cards and gain effects based on this.

Madolche Chateau lets you put Madolche that WOULD be returned to deck from the GY by a Madolche effect (either their own effect, OR Tiaramisu) to your hand instead.

Madolche Ticket lets you search if they are sent back to the hand OR deck by a card effect (including your Madolche effects).

With both these cards out, you will gain a unhealthy amount of advantage that can be overwhelming at times.

But that advantage means nothing if you have no way to take advantage of it.

That is where Madolchepalooza & Ultimate Offering come in.

Ultimate Offering

Ultimate Offering is obviously great with Magileine, since you CAN search another copy of herself.

But you can also do a "loop" with Magileine and Cruffssant.

The "Safe" Offering Loop (Summoning Shock Master)

This conserves the amount of Magileine used for Offering. 

ONLY requires (Madolche Magileine, Ultimate Offering)

Summon Magileine - Search Cruffssant (Pay 500) Summon Cruffssant (Cruffssant effect, return Magileine), Pay 500 - Summon Magileine (search ANOTHER Cruffssant) - Summon Cruffssant...

(Field) Magileine - Cruffssant (effect used) - Cruffssant (eff not used)

Cruffssant eff (return Magileine), Pay 500, summon Magileine (search Magileine)

(Field) Magileine - Cruffssant (LV4) - Cruffssant (LV4)

Magileine - LV4 Cruffssant - LV4 Cruffssant (Xyz Summon) = Shock Master

Using Cruffssant, keeps a Magileine in deck, just in case something happens to your field. That's also why you search for a Magileine at the end of the loop, just in case shit happens.

If you're not intending on (or can't) win the turn you activate Offering (perhaps due to Threatening Roar), this is a safe alternative that SHOULD keep your field intact, and a Magileine to use next turn. If you would have just used 3 Magileine, you wouldn't have anything to do.


The searchable win condition.

It's not your ONLY win condition but it's there.

Very rare to be used defensively, but it happens.

Playing Madolchepalooza

General Tips

This is USUALLY the first card you play in your turn.

It will dictate your actions.

Don't expect for the Palooza to go off without any opposition.

Smart people will wait to see what you summon, then act accordingly.

If you happen to summon a couple of 1500+ monsters (Cruffssant & Messangelato) be mindful Bottomless Trap will banish both of them.

But if it's a Mewlfeuille & Messangelato; due to the difference of levels, they don't present a threat...immediately.

If they negate the Palooza, carry on like normal.

Note: Do NOT use your normal summon until AFTER you activated Palooza, unless you have Magileine in hand.

Typical Madolchepalooza activation

Depending on whats in your hand, you can end the game with a simple Palooza activation.

To do anything relevant, you only need

At least one Madolche Spell (Chateau or Ticket)

Magileine (to search for either Messangelato or Cruffssant, whichever one you don't have)

Summon Magileine (search either Cruffssant or Messangelato)

Activate Madolchepalooza - Summon Messangelato & Cruffssant

They are considered to be summoned at the same time, so summon "order" doesn't matter.

Messangelato effect - Search for ticket.

Play Ticket - Cruffssant effect-  Return Ticket (Cruffssant Now LV4)

Overlay Magileine & Messangelato for Tiaramisu

Play Ticket.

Tiaramisu effect - Detach Messangelato - Target Madolchepalooza & Messangelato

Ticket effect (since you control Tiaramisu, a Fairy-Type Madolche), summon Messangelato

Search Chateau

(Field) Tiaramisu - Messangelato - Cruffssant (LV4) - Ticket - Chateau (if you choose to play it)

If you have another Madolche card in the GY, you can make another Tiaramisu. But you SHOULD attack first because you're getting more damage in and also, if they have a Hand Trap (Gorz, Tragoedia) you can still Xyz summon to protect yourself from it.

If Gorz; Make Fairy King Albverdich. This makes Gorz & the token less than Tiaramisu

If Tragoedia; doesn't matter. Just don't keep any LV monsters on the field.

(This is probably one of the very few times Utopia is useful.)

Tiaramisu 2700 + Messangelato 2100 + Cruffssant 2300 = 7100

Obviously, this isn't a OTK but since Palooza is a trap, it won't happen during your first turn anyway.

They only need to lose 100LP to make it lethal with Gagaga Cowboy.

When your Messangelato gets banished

One thing to keep in mind.

IF YOU CAN HELP IT, DO NOT summon every Madolche in your hand.

This is a safety precaution in case they have Bottomless Trap Hole/Torrential Tribute (which would mean they'd have backrow)

If you summon an Beast-Type Madolche (which are LV 3) and Messangelato, and it gets banished due to Bottomless Trap Hole; you still search.

Doesn't happen often but if you get flooded with Madolche in hand & and you summon 2 Mewlfeuille & Messangelato (and have another LV3 Madolche in hand), you can do the following.

(field) 2 Mewlfeuille - Messangelato (banished)

summon LV3 Madolche (either Cruffssant, Hootcake OR Mewlfeuille)

Overlay for Leviair - detach - summon Messangelato

*If the additional monster in your hand was Cruffssant*

Search Ticket.

Play Ticket - Cruffssant effect return Ticket (it's now LV 4).

(field) Leviair (1 material) - Cruffssant (LV4) - Messangelato (Madolche in GY)

Xyz summon Tiaramisu*.

*You can always summon other Rank 4 Xyz but Tiaramisu is better than all of them in these situations.

In a nutshell, you're working towards a Palooza (or Offering) that puts you in a advantageous situation. Chateau/Ticket make sure you don't lose your monsters or replace your fallen (or returned) Madolche with another one.

Your opponent has to resort to unorthodox means to get rid of Madolche, because they brush away generic destruction effects that solve "typical" problems.

Madolche provide a problem for your opponent, especially when they just return to the deck/hand.

They aren't actually getting rid of your resources, just moving them into another zone (which they can be searched from)

ALL Madolche cards can be searched for & returned to hand & deck

Chateau is a Pot of Avarice (minus the draw) for your Madolche, you rarely have to worry about running out of monsters. if they hit the graveyard, you simply return them to the deck with Chateau (or Tiaramisu)

Hootcake makes the deck "simpler". Since it's a beast type, it can search Messangelato (enabling its search) or Cruffssant to Xyz (or trigger Ticket).


The plays shown in this blog entry aren't the only ways to do them, these are under the conditions if your opponent doesn't have a response (or a particular one mentioned) and are the most straight forward and most practical.

The Offering loop was discovered by me to conserve Magileine, since the common way was to just play all your Magileine and have none left over afterwards.

Feel free to give any input.