Thursday, November 6, 2014

U.A.: But I'm not athletic...

3 U.A Midfielder
3 U.A. Perfect Ace
3 U.A. Mighty Slugger
3 U.A. Goalkeeper

3 Upstart Goblin
3 Terraforming
3 U.A. Stadium
3 Reinforcement of the Army
3 Mystical Space Typhoon
3 Night Beam
3 U.A. Powered Jersey
3 The Monarchs Stormforth
2 The Warrior Returning Alive
1 Raigeki
1 Dark Hole

Important cards


The cards to search them

Reinforcement of the Army

F*** Backrow

Mystical Space Typhoon
Night Beam

37 card deck theory

Upstart Goblin

Kill quicker

Powered Jersey

(Can also be discarded for Perfect Ace if you get lucky enough to draw multiples. )

Monster removal suite

Dark Hole

The goal (obvious pun is obvious) is to KILL your opponent as soon as possible.

Mighty Slugger should be 2800 (due to be summoned by returning midfielder with Stadium active).

Ideally, you want Midfielder AND Stadium in your opener (if going first). Stadium will give you Perfect Ace (if you don't have it already and at least one card in hand).

No cards in hand, search Goalkeeper.

Yes, Stadium is THAT important to where I would even include more than one of a shitty card (Terraforming), but additional copies can be pitched to Perfect Ace.

Side Note: I don't like Goalkeeper but we don't have much of a choice on U.A. so I play the full set. The main purpose is to SURVIVE, either by just being 2800 DEF or saving itself.

IF it (or Perfect Ace) survives and you have access to Midfielder on your following turn (along with Stadium, you'll see the "snowball" get bigger,

Don't like playing 3 ROTA with only 3 targets, BUT having access to Midfielder on your first turn is REALLY important.

No traps, totally unlike me. But I tried traps. and those traps did what traps do, but I'd rather keep them in hand (which defeats the entire point of using trap cards in the first place, so they got the fuck out)

U.A. have some of the BEST effects in the history of the game but NO one important besides me :), has even mentioned them.


1. Because it's CHEAP as f***.

Every card is rare or common. 

2. It theoretically has good matchups against... almost everything. Generally, the one normal summon (which usually has an effect that activates) is stopped by Perfect Ace.

Perfect Ace states "card or effect", no matter what that is, That's right, negates Qliphort Scout in the Pendulum Zone. 

3. Powered Jersey hurts, a lot (for them)

4. You get to maindeck Night Beam, F*** Skill Drain right?


1. You can OBIVOUSLY brick. Not draw the right cards or too many of a shitty one.

2. The ONLY non tribute monster is midfielder.

which leads the the next con

3. ONLY 3 monsters for RotA.

4. Gets REKT'd by Naturia Beast, Vanity's Emptiness, Skill Drain, Evilswarm Ophion, Crimson Blader

Fortunately three of those aren't heavily played. 

5. Very little defense.

The only defensive play is goalkeeper, which is usually enough being 2800 DEF.

I may (by that I mean probably) need to add more card draw rather than one card tutors to somewhat alleviate the "bricking" problem.

Things I've considered.

Reckless Greed

I don't like that its a trap but its "better" than Shard of Greed and you get 2 cards for one, even though you're slowed down for two turns. It may not matter because I'm trying to kill my opponent asap.

Hand Destruction

Simple, its a -1 and it helps your opponent.. that's a no no.

Shard of Greed

It has to stay on the field for 2 turns. Since I don't normally set anything, that'll be the primary target (if not Stadium) for their otherwise dead MST

Legacy of Yata/Jar of Greed

Since you have to set it first, its slow. The only reason Reckless is considered over this is that I draw TWO instead of one.

Siding Options

There isn't a lot of room, so make it count. 

1. Cursed Seal of the Forbidden Spell:

28 Spells. You're bound to have at least ONE spell to pitch. 

Against: Qliphort (Scout) primarily. 

2. Non-Fusion Area.

A simple way to prevent the Shaddoll fusions from overpowering your monsters

3. Wiretap OR Trap Stun

if in fact MST and Night Beam maindeck isn't enough. 

Against: -tellarknights (Wiretap). maybe Burning Abyss (Trap Stun). Qliphort (probably Wiretap)

This is not the final build...