Thursday, September 19, 2013

Quick Guide to Blue-Eyes (based on Structure Deck: Saga of Blue-Eyes White Dragon)

originally by superweedsoldier (on YouTube)

Even though it a REALLY rough Draft, I still liked the idea enough to play it. 

With Galaxy Serpent and Labradorite Dragon, you're able to MAX out on Cards of Consonance.

Since Dragon Shrine exists, Summoning Hieratic Dragon of Sutekh is a achievable task. 

Hieratic Dragon of Nuit lets you summon any of your normals from anywhere (target it with Castle of Dragon Souls). With Labradorite Dragon, it's a "one card" Dracension, the Supreme Sky Dragon or Trident Dragion. You only run 2 of each Hieratic because you search them and because Nuit rarely gets to do anything. In the original version, there was 3 Castle, which in theory would make it easier for Nuit to do its thing but as you see below in the updated version, Castle isn't live enough to warrant 3 of it. 

You use Trident Dragion's effect to destroy Castle. 

Common Charity exchanged your pointless normals for more cards. Which has indirect synergy with Castle and Return. 

NOTE: Labradorite Dragon/Dragon Shrine is the ONLY reason you can run Black Luster Soldier.. 
also by superweedsoldier
More-less the same deck. he just dropped the 1 Labradorite Dragon and 1 Maiden for Gorz and Red-Eyes Darkness Metal.

Works better, but since you have Darkness Metal, you can make Star Eater

BUT for the TCG, they're a few issues.

One: Labradorite Dragon doesn't come out until Shadow Specters so, no BLS.

Two: Dragonascension doesn't have a TCG Release just yet.

So, here's what I've came up with based on such.

3 Blue-Eyes White Dragon
3 Galaxy Serpent (send with Shrine, pitch for Cards of Consonance, banish for Common Charity)
3 Flamvell Guard (see Galaxy Serpent)
1 Red-Eyes Darkness Metal Dragon (Castle, Return and D.D.R)
Hieratic Dragon of Sutekh
3 The White Stone of Legend
3 Maiden with Eyes of Blue (the best first turn play in a deck with no defense)
1 Gorz, The Emissary of Darkness

3 Trade-In
3 Cards of Consonance
2 Dragon's Shrine
1 Hieratic Seal of Convocation
1 Silvers Cry
1 A Wingbeat of Giant Dragon
2 D.D.R.
1 Dark Hole
1 One for One

1 Return from a Different Dimension
3 Common Charity
2 Castle of Dragon Souls

Extra Deck

2 Star Eater (REDMD + LV1 tuner)
2 Trident Dragion (blows up Castle) Blue Eyes + Galaxy Serpent
3 Azure Eyes Silver Dragon
1 Scrap Dragon
1 Crimson Blader
1 Slacker Magician (more LV1 monsters)
1 Galaxy Eyes Tachyon Dragon
1 Hieratic Sun Dragon Overlord of Heliopolis
1 Thunder End Dragon 2 Blue Eyes
1 Number 40 Gimmick Puppet Heaven's Strings
1 Coach King Giantrainer

No Nuit?

NOTE: Hieratic Dragon of Nuit didn't make my version because when testing, I never got the effect off., and I'd be in conflict on what to normal summon first.

Now, we ALL know that Maiden is a better first turn summon regardless of being unable to search for it.

NOT using Wonder Wand

I know enough people believe that using Wonder Wand to trigger Maiden's effect is good but it's not.


Because you're getting rid of your Tuner.

You target Maiden (thus Blue-Eyes comes out). You COULD make Azure-Eyes but NOOOO. you'd rather draw 2 cards?

Let me elaborate.

Your single-most goal is to kill your opponent as soon as possible, while making it very difficult (impossible is a stretch) for them to stop you. There is NO defense (unless you count Gorz) in this deck and you can't afford to fuck around and give your opponent time to do shit.

Despite drawing 2 cards, Wonder Wand actually slows the deck down. If you run more than 1 (which in itself makes no sense to run only 1 of) Wonder Wand. You manage to get Maiden AND Wonder Wand, draw and among those 2, you draw your SECOND one?

What the FUCK are you gonna do now?

It only works on 1 monster that you don't give a damn about searching (you CAN use One for One if you care that much).

Speaking of which..

If you decide to build this and take to any sort of tournament

Just some ideas. Don't expect a highly detailed Primer

Find some place for 3 Mystical Space Typhoon since you don't main it.

Imperial Iron Wall KILLS you. You don't rely on it, but they're enough cards in the deck that banish (Common Charity being one of them). MST should handle that but Malevolent Catastrophe should suffice (I suggest this because of it's synergy with Castle of Dragon Souls)

Maxx "C"/Effect Veiler should be somewhere in your sidedeck.


Maxx C gives you more cards (which in turn lightens the load of your main deck draw engine)

Veiler gives you the ability to slow your opponent down if they go first. Since it's a tuner, you can exchange a maiden of 2 for it. If you're going second, having Maiden is less important.

Overworked against Fire Fist (DUH).

The only card in their deck you worry about it Tiger King and he gets a formation, which makes it's vulnerable to Overworked. Most decks don't have specific answers to this so for instance, if you have a maiden on the field, their first reaction is usually to play Tiger King, just because they can.

Torrential/Bottomless/Compulsory because they're good generic traps, that happen to be limited. You don't have to run each one, but I think Torrential is better due to it's synergy with Azure Eyes.

Have some countermeasure against Anti-Special summoning (Evilswarm/Vanity's Emptiness)

Dust Tornado (lets you set Castle)
Neo-Spacial Grand Mole

Mermail/Dark World

Dimensional Fissure
Soul Drain
Macro Cosmos

NOTE: you can STILL function. The only 'dead" card would be Dragon Shrine, but that's easily circumvented.

Against Icarus Attack 

That's the ONLY card in Blackwings (besides maybe Key Beetle/Emptiness) you have to worry about.

Icarus STOPS your synchro play COLD if you didn't manage to summon Azure Eyes.

But if you did, the match-up is easy because there is nothing (without help) in their deck that can get over 3000 DEF.

But back to if you hadn't. I suggest either Seven Tools or Dark Bribe. Bribe because you don't pay any life and Seven Tools because you don't give them a card.

This is only if you managed to set it and it not get blown up BEFORE you decide to make your push. (and if you hadn't destroyed with the MST's you sided)